Race Day Info

Date / Time: Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 6:30 AM

Race Distance: 100 Kilometers

Location (Start / Finish): Warner Park, Madison, WI

Race Day Temperature at Start (High / Low Avg.): 55 / 32 F

Sunrise / Sunset: 6:27 AM / 7:31 PM

Race Cutoff (Hrs.): 13

Course Information

Course Layout(Map): 20 x 5k loop *Temporary Course*

Terrain: Paved multi-use paths, sidewalk and low-traffic adjacent streets

Elevation Change (Ascent / Decent): Flat

Altitude Above Sea Level (Min. / Max.): 852 ft. / 856 ft.

Number of Aid Stations (Max. distance in miles between A.S.): 1 (3.1 mi.)

Race Information

Cost: $140 Feb. 2, $175 Mar 2, then Mar 31

Completion rate: 16 Finishers (2017), 14 Finishers (2016), 15 Finishers (2015)

Course Record (M/F): 6:30:37 Geoff Burns (2016) / 7:26:24 Camille Herron (2015)

Prerequisites / Lottery / Trail Work Req.: No / No / No

Qualifying Race for: N/A

Race Series: N/A

Website: https://www.madcityultras.com

Race Directors: Tim Yanacheck, Rick Smith Jr., and Emily Leas

Year Established: 2007

Other Race Distances: 50k / Relays

Fun Fact: “The MadCity Ultras are unique in that alongside the world-class 100K and 50K runners, 50K relay teams are competing on the same course and adding excitement and energy to the event. Most of the relay teams are comprised of Madison-area runners carrying a relay baton and wearing an ankle chip which must both be transitioned to the next runner at the start/finish. Winning teams are awarded based on the sum-of-the-ages of their team members and the awards consist of beer for all of the over-21 winning teams.”

Nearest Airports (HRs): Madison, WI (.25), Milwaukee, WI (1.25), Chicago, IL (2), Green Bay, WI (2.25),

Race Reports

2017 and Earlier

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Mad City 100k National Championship! Hard Work Pays Off! – Traci Falbo

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