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Race Day Info

Date / Time: Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 5:00 AM

Race Distance: 100 Kilometers

Location (Start / Finish): Bannock Pass, ID / Salmon, ID

Race Day Temperature at Start (High / Low Avg.): 82 / 41 F

Sunrise / Sunset: 6:02 AM / 9:16 PM

Race Cutoff (Hrs.): 14.5 hours through mile 50.5, no finish line cutoff

Course Information

Course Layout(Map): Point to Point

Terrain: 59% single track, 35% ATV double track, 6% boulder/skree

Elevation Change (Ascent / Decent): 27,800 ft. (12,700 ft. / 15,100 ft.)

Altitude Above Sea Level (Min. / Max.): 5,577 ft. / 10,053 ft.

Number of Aid Stations (Max. distance in miles between A.S.): 9 (9 mi.)

Race Information

Cost: $145 through May 1, then $160

Completion rate: 45 Finishers (2017)42 Finishers (2016)41 Finishers (2015)

Course Record (M/F): 10:00:06 Travis Macy (2015) / 13:17:21 Liz Canty (2017)

Prerequisites / Lottery / Trail Work Req.: 50k or longer last 3 years / No / No

Qualifying Race for: UTMB and Western States 100

Race Series: Idaho Trail Ultra Series


Race Director: David and Eric Tarkalson

Year Established: 2014

Other Race Distances: 55k

Fun Fact: “The course follows the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and Continental Divide for 54 miles before dropping off the divide on the ID side as runners make their way to the finish line.  The length of Continental Divide covered in the 100K represents the border between Idaho and Montana, and the  separation between drainage to the Pacific Ocean (ID side) and Atlantic Ocean (MT side)Because runners are following the Continental Divide they are basically running along the ridge of a continuous mountain range.  The race is named after the mountain range it is located in:  Beaverhead Mountain Range. The race is unique because runners will always be high in the mountains following the natural elevation changes along the divide and will not ascend or descend into the deep creek and river valleys that border the course. Because of this, the entire race is at a high elevation with respect to this part of Idaho and Montana, 7,500 – 10,100 ft.  The average elevation of the Lemhi, ID and Bighole, MT valleys bordering the course are 4,500 and 6,000 ft, respectively.”

Nearest Airports (HRs): Missoula, MT (2.25), Idaho Falls, ID (2.5), Bozeman, MT (4)

Race Reports

Beaverhead Endurance Runs’ Race Report Page

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