Race Day: Live Standings

Photo Credit: Kista Cook

Race Day Info

Date / Time: Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Race Distance: 100 Miles

Location (Start / Finish): Sexton Ranch, Riverside, CA

Race Day Temperature at Start (High / Low Avg.): 82 / 55 F

Sunrise / Sunset: 5:41 AM / 7:52 PM

Race Cutoff (Hrs.): 28

Course Information

Course Layout(Map): 100 x 1 mi. Loop

Terrain: A mix of asphalt, dirt, and turf. The course is flat, the footing is good (weather dependent), and the trail is wide enough to allow easy passing.

Elevation Change (Ascent / Decent): Flat

Altitude Above Sea Level (Avg.): 930 ft.

Number of Aid Stations (Max. distance in miles between A.S.): 1 (1 mi.)

Race Information

Cost: $160 through Dec. 31, then $200

Completion rate: 32 Finishers 2017, 36 Finishers 2016, 41 Finishers 2015

Course Record (M/F): 17:41:24 Ray Sanchez (2013) / 18:00:26 Stacey Costa (2014)

Prerequisites / Lottery / Trail Work Req.: No / No / No

Qualifying Race for: N/A

Race Series: N/A

Website: http://www.oldgoatraces.com/races/nanny-goat/

Race Director: Old Goat Races

Year Established: 2009

Other Race Distances: 12 hour / 24 hour

Fun Fact:

  1. Ed Ettinghausen, record holder of most 100s in a year (40),  runs Nanny Goat 100 every year. He gives a nod to every runner on the course by saying their name when you see him on the out and back part of the course. Yes, he memorizes everyone’s name.
  2. The Co Race Director, Shelli Sexton, holds a buckle from the original Western States 100 TEVIS Cup – the horse race. Nanny Goat 100 5 ShelliSexton.jpg

Nearest Airports (HRs): Ontario, CA (.5), Santa Ana, CA (.75), Palm Springs, CA (1.25), Los Angeles, CA (1.25), San Diego, CA (1.75)

Race Reports

Nanny Goat Ultra: 50 miles in 9:36 – Lisa

Nanny Goat Race Report – Nicole Scott

Nanny Goat 100 Race Report

2013/05/25: Nanny Goat 12/24/100 (race report) – Katrina

Nanny Goat 12 Hour Race Report – Lisa

Kista Cook’s Nanny Goat 100 Mile Ultra Race Report (2011)

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