Race Day Info

Date / Time: Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Race Distance: 100 Miles

Location (Start / Finish): Androscoggin Riverlands States Park, Turner, ME

Race Day Temperature at Start (High / Low Avg.): 64 / 44 F

Sunrise / Sunset: 5:18 AM / 7:58 PM

Race Cutoff (Hrs.): 32

Course Information

Course Layout(Map): 4 x 25 Mile Out and Back

Terrain: Rolling ATV path with rocks, roots, and possibly mud

Elevation Change (Ascent / Decent): 18,000 ft. (9,000 ft. / 9,000 ft.)

Altitude Above Sea Level (Min. / Max.): 275 ft. / 400 ft.

Number of Aid Stations (Max. distance in miles between A.S.): 3 (5 mi.)

Race Information

Cost: $160

Completion rate: 54% (29/53) 201871% (27/38) 2017

Course Record (M/F): 17:58:00 Beau Langevin (2017) / 21:18:00 Laura Perry (2017)

Prerequisites / Lottery / Trail Work Req.: No / No / No

Qualifying Race for: N/A

Race Series: N/A

Website: http://www.riverlands100.com

Race Director: Mindy Slovinsky and Valerie Abradi

Year Established: 2017

Other Race Distances: Relay

Fun Facts:

  1. Riverlands 100 is the first 100 miler in Maine. The race goodie bag and awards include Maine-made products: the male and female winners get a handmade adirondack chair (made in Maine) that has the finisher’s buckle wood burned into it (by a Maine artist).  Goodie bag includes local products such as Baxter’s Fine Candies (all-natural ingredients and made in Maine).
  2. The relay winning team is awarded the Beast Bowl; A Stanley-Cup like award in which the members of the winning team are engraved into the bowl each year.  The “Beast” comes from the Turner Beast, a legendary wolf-like creature that was known to terrorize locals.

Nearest Airports (HRs): Portland, ME (1), Boston, MA (2.75)

Race Reports


Riverlands 100 Miler – Brendan Gilpatrick

Riverlands 100 – Maine’s and My first 100 mile trail race – Charlotte

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