Race Day Info

Date/Time: October 13, 2018 at 5:00 AM

Race Distance: 100.8 Miles

Location(Start/Finish): Blue Heron, KY

Race Day Temperature at Start (High/ Low Avg.): 70 / 45 F

Sunrise/Sunset: 7:44 AM / 7:03 PM

Race Cutoff (Hrs.): 32

Course Information

Course Layout(Map): Single Loop (Annual Direction Change)

Terrain: 91 % mix of single/double track trail, 7% gravel road, and only 2% pavement

Elevation Change (Ascent/Decent): 21,674 ft. (10,837 ft. / 10,837 ft.)

Altitude Above Sea Level(Min./Max.): 850 / 1,780 ft.

Number of Aid Stations (Max. distance in miles between A.S.): 18 (7.6 mi.)

Race Information

Cost: $175 through Feb, $200 through July, $225 through October 1

Completion rate: 46% (36/79) 2017

Course Record (F/M): 20:30:26 Alondra Moody (2017) / 21:50:34 Kyle Jacobson (2017)

Prerequisites/Lottery/Trail Work Req.: No / No / No

Qualifying Race for: N/A

Race Series: N/A

Website: http://www.nobusiness100.com

Race Director: Ultranaut Running

Year Established: 2017

Other Race Distances: N/A

Fun Fact: No Business is named after one of the many homesteads that the course runs through. Located along No Business Creek, the homestead was founded in 1796 by Richard Slaven. Maxing out around 300 in the late 1800’s, it was one of the larger settlements in the Big South Fork area. The settlement was in use up until September 1960, when Dewey Slaven became the last inhabitant to leave.

Nearest Airports (HRs): Knoxville, TN (2), Lexington, KY (2.5), Nashville, TN (3.25), Cincinnati, OH (3.25)

Race Reports

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